Documentary Wedding and Family Photography by Claire Batey
Unscripted Photography, Portrait, Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer Northumberland, Country Durham, Northeast UK. Specialising in family and children portraits.
Portrait Lifestyle Photographer, Northumberland, Newcastle, Northeast, County Durham, Baby portraits, children portraits
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My name is Claire!

And I enjoy capturing the

{beauty of} the EveryDay

KISS Fancy Dress

I’m a mum

a wife

a photographer

a cleaner, a cook, a make do & mender and creator of Gene Simmons Costumes for our quirky 4 year old

I enjoy the simple things in life

Honest conversation and good food

I like to drink coffee from a mug as big as my head

And nothing is more important to me than my boys

Image Credit: Angela Fenwick
family photographer northumberland
As your photographer,
I want to share with you {the beauty}
that I see blooming right in your EveryDay life

My photography and films are inspired by my love for life and my family.

My favourite photographs are the kind that tell a story about the people in them. The kind of images that make the person looking at them FEEL something.  All unscripted.

From your BigDays I want you to feel joy.  From your EveryDays, I want you to feel warmth.  From your WorkDays, I want you to feel proud.

I want to see REAL laughter . . . the funny faces, the forgettable moments, the unseen moments, even the wish-we’d-forgotten-moments.  I deliver it all.  Because this is real life.  And it’s wonderful!

So if the idea of posing makes you cringe and all you REALLY want is to capture images and films that have meaning, a true sense of yourself and your life, then I’m the lady for you.



Personal Work

Personal Work