Birthday Party Photographer Newcastle | Florence's First Birthday
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First Birthday Party Photography | Newcastle | Florence’s First Birthday

If there were one image you would hope to come away with from our time together, what would it be?: A moment that just shows so much love between myself and Florence or David and Florence..or all three of us together! Something as little as a kiss on her forehead, a cuddle, a game or a reaction to something new/funny/cute she has done.

Why did you choose a documentary family session over a traditional portrait session?: Florence is changing so quickly, and I want to remember every little movement, every little face she pulls and noise she makes. I want to be able to look back on pictures and video of real life and remember the little things rather than the posed shots. She is a pro at smiling for the camera, but it’s not the face of her real laughter, or the look of surprise she has when she sees something new, the tired eye rub that says she needs a nap or the way she clings to me when she’s nervous. This is the Florence I want to catch on camera, and I know a documentary session will do this. Family interactions mean so much to me after living abroad and I want this shoot to document the every day quirks of our family and the love we have for each other. I think this is shown best when we don’t realise it, and it’s these moments I want to capture.

I almost cried for Rosie’s Mum Ann when I heard that Rosie, Dave and little Florence would be returning to the UK after living in Dubai.  Now I have my own little person, I finally get the whole importance of family.  Ironically, it hadn’t hit me before we made the decision to move from Essex to Northumberland – now of course I realise how great it would be to have the grandparents on the doorstep.  Oh well, t’is life!  I’m sure my Harry will do something suitably ridiculous – Karma and all that!  Anyways … I knew how much having her daughter and granddaugher would mean to her as I was privileged to capture a little family reunion the Christmas before hand >>>> you can see it here >>>>> christmas-family-reunion-photographer.


When Rosie invited me back, having told me the good news about their move home to Blighty, I was over the moon.  And to capture Florence’s first birthday party – how special.

We started the Unscripted Session at Rosie and Dave’s new home, watching Florence unwrap her presents – honestly, watch the video, her reaction is the cutest damn thing you have ever seen!!!  And then after a little walk with Baxter (officially the most beautiful dog) we headed to the birthday hotspot – the Grandparents house.

As always, I had a hoot spending the day with these guys.  They’re such a lovely bunch of people.  And Ann’s buffets are officially something of a revelation.  I think she may actually be a feeder!

So here is Florence’s first birthday.

Oh.  And I should say, I type this as I wait with bated breath as I know that Rosie is now a few days overdue and expecting baby number two any moment – you never know, she could make an appearance on Florence’s actual birthday.  Good luck with that Rosie!  In the meantime – enjoy reliving your very Special Day from last year.  And I hope your first year back in the UK has been everything you hoped for.  xxx


  • Robyn Kewley


    Please can I ask are you based in Newcastle upon Tyne or the one down south?

    Many thanks

    October 8, 2018 at 10:29 pm

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