Christmas Day in the Life Photographer | Gosforth | Sainsbury Family
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A Christmas Family Day in the Life Session | Gosforth | The Sainsbury Family

We opened your package on Christmas Day. What a treat! I can’t thank you enough. The pictures and video are truly gorgeous. You have worked some magic, making them all so special. I don’t know how you did so much in just a couple of hours! These are concrete memories now, so we can treasure them for years to come. . . I’ll certainly be recommending you to all our friends!
Thank you again. You’ve been superb, and lovely company too – a winning combination.

– Jennifer

Christmas Day in the Life Family documentary photography Session (Gosforth, Newcastle). Featuring Christmas Tree decorating by the Sainsbury Family.

I just love Christmas.  And for me, now I have a little person running around my feet, I REALLY love Christmas.  After all, it’s for them, isn’t it?  And they make it.  They, literally, with those big luscious eyes of theirs, add the sparkle.  Everything just comes alive at Christmas with little ones around.  There could almost be pixie dust on every surface – because, I just feel it’s magical when you’re sharing Christmas with a child.

Now I reflect on my own childhood, although as a parent you must sense when the day is coming, but it must break any Mum and Dad’s heart, the day you announce you no longer believe in Santa Claus.  In one split second, the pixie dust blows away.  You’re begging your child to clap their hands and shout “I do believe in fairies” but it’s just not going to happen.  Because they missed the ship to Neverland and during that brief chat in the school playground, they grew up.  Pop.  Bubble burst.

I am sooooooo dreading that day.  I already have my contingency plan in place.  My lovely Nan left us some money when she sadly passed away and it’s squirrelled away for an emergency trip to Lapland to help the magic continue for as many years as possible.  Nan, a believer in the Chinese dragons at the end of the garden, I’m sure would be happy with this.

So that’s why I love my Christmas Unscripted Sessions.

Because you know that you’re capturing magic that is on borrowed time. 

The first time your little one sees twinkle lights or plays with a bauble.  Then the anticipation, the excitement of Christmas.  As they start to learn the stories, read the “Night Before Christmas” in their special PJs.  As you go to pick a tree.  Ice the gingerbread house.  Wrap Daddy’s presents with way too much celotape.  As you head to the local Christmas light switch on, enjoy Bratwurst and mulled wine (well, maybe not the kids).  Head to their first panto and visit the grottos.  Check out Fenwick’s window and panic when you realise you haven’t bought Aunty Mildred a present.  Fill your home with family you’ve not seen for an entire year, share stories and eat way too much.

Our Harry is going to be four years old this December.  If we’re lucky, we have 4 more magic Christmas’ left.  After that, I’m sure Christmas will still be lovely, but the pixie dust will be no more and there will be a little sadness in my heart.  I’ve said it before, that my Dad always told me you only borrow your children, and as Harry grows older, I’m starting to see how true he was.  So it makes photographs and films so much more important, so that I can relive all of these special, magical moments.  And that’s why when families like Jenny’s, book me to capture their EveryDays, especially during the holidays, it warms my heart – I know how precious these photographs are.  Daniel, at only 8months, experiencing Christmas for the first time, whilst Chloe at 4 years, completely in the midst of the Christmas excitement.  Just gorgeous.  I bet this year will be even more magical as Chloe can help to get Daniel so excited about everything, the poor little fella might pop!

So here is my morning with the Sainsbury Family.  With a dash of Christmas merriment.  Jennifer and David, I hope you all enjoy reliving your morning too.  It’s been almost a year since I visited.  A.  I bet you can’t believe it.  and B. I bet you can’t believe how much your little people have changed in that time.  That in itself is pure magic.  Enjoy.  xxx

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