A Christmas Family Reunion Photographer and film maker
Christmas Family Reunion Photographer
Christmas Family Reunion Photographer
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A Christmas Family Reunion | The Bainbridge Family

No one’s family is normal. Normalcy is a lie invented by advertising agencies to make the rest of us feel inferior.

– Claire LaZebnik

Pretty much every time I do a documentary family photo shoot I hear this remark: my family is not normal!

But no one’s family is normal! What the Hell is normal anyway?

Well last year I got to spend Christmas Eve with this beautiful family! I don’t know whether they were normal or not but they were bloody lovely.  Especially baby Florence.

Mum Ann went to town with the Christmas Eve breakfast.  I did pass comment whether this was “normal”!  But as Ann said, she had to do something special.  The kids had flown in from all over the globe literally.

As a mum now I can completely appreciate how special this must’ve been with a daughter living in Dubai and a son living in Canada.  It must’ve felt amazing to have everybody home in one place for Christmas; all around the table together, laughing, exchanging stories. I don’t think we appreciate the miles until we become parents.  In hindsight I wish I’d been a bit more sympathetic to my own parents growing up!  Poor things.  I really treated home like like a hotel as I galavanted around the globe, moved from one house to the other and just came back when I needed to save up or because I’d broken up with so-and-so.  BUT.  At the same time, looking ahead 20 years.  I’m pretty sure that if Harry wanted to come home every time he needed to, he would totally be welcome.  Hell, I’m sure the mess, the unreliability, the cheekiness of everything would be annoying, but at the same time I would totally love it.  

I recently heard someone describe the feeling of your children growing up and leaving home as being like a painter with no paints.  And I tell you what, I don’t want that paint pot to dry up anytime soon.  

So Ann.  I know how much this reunion meant.  And I’m so honoured I got to capture it for you.

And guess what!  I’m going back tomorrow.  Because Rosie and David have come home.  Hoorah.  Ditched the 40+ degrees heat in Dubai for 4 degrees in County Durham, but in return are now surrounded by all those who love them so much, especially as they bring up their darling little Florence.

I’m delighted that I’ll be joining you as you celebrate Florence’s first birthday together.  xx

Looking for a Christmas Family Reunion Photographer?

If you too are worried about those paints drying up soon, next time you have a family reunion, or perhaps over this holiday period, you might want to capture those special times together.  If so – ping me an email and tell me all about your beautiful family, how much they mean to you and why capturing these special times together would just mean the world and then some.


Christmas Family Reunion PhotographerChristmas Family Reunion PhotographerChristmas Family Reunion Photographer

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