My approach - documentary photographer based in the NorthEast
Unscripted Photography: Portrait, Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer based in Northumberland, covering the Northeast UK and far beyond. Specialising in family and child portraits. Capturing a day in your life photography and telling your story.
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My Approach

I’m a storyteller

Magical moment seeker.

A documentary photographer.  A day in the life photographer.

Alternative film maker.

Blimey that’s a mouthful isn’t it!

But in a nutshell.  I’m a girl with a camera, longing to capture moment driven photographs and films.

Documentary Photography

My approach to wedding photography is no different to how I approach a family day in the life session.

Think of me as your mate with the poncey camera simply documenting your day!

At weddings, I mingle, I get in close, sometimes step back, sometimes observe, often chat to guests, offer advice (like how to go to the loo in a big giant frock), dance with the flower girls – ultimately – I want the inside story on your wedding.

At home, during family sessions I enjoy building train tracks and playing shop.  I love a good cup of coffee and sharing potty training stories.  But I’m also there to observe, see a moment and capture  the connections and the action between you and your little people.

BigDays and EveryDays are FULL TO THE BRIM of magical little moments.

And it’s these moments that make life so special.  And it’s my job, my honour to be able to capture them for you so they aren’t forgotten.

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Wedding Photographer Alnwick Gardens

Only Photograph what you Love

And I love people

My photographs and my films are about people.

About their Connections.

About their story.

It probably sounds pretentious, but I really try to SEE who you are when I take your photograph.

And I think, that when I spend enough time with you, I get there.  Especially with children.  It’s not long before they show you their character.  You can see how they hold themselves, their patterns, their habits.

Adults aren’t so different, although we sometimes hide them easier.  But my camera misses nothing.

Nervous on your wedding day? – Of course you are – I caught you picking your nails.

So excited you could burst because you’ve just said “I do!” – damn right – those shoulders say it all.

Scared to death of this motherhood business and whether you’re doing it right? – Don’t worry love, we’ve all been there – You do what works for you.

I just soooooo enjoy capturing your stories.  And your characters.  I love that we’re all individuals.  I love the way that certain looks speak a thousand words.  I love looking out for the stories within a story that you probably don’t even notice.  I love the fact that when you get my images you’ll say – I don’t even remember that happening.  Or I didn’t know I did that!  Or worse – my baby doesn’t do that anymore!

And that’s the power of documentary photography.  Nothing staged.  Nothing altered.  Just life unfolding before the lens.  Captured for you and generations to come.  Why mess with perfection?

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Family Photographer Northumberland
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Your family.  Your wedding.

You’re all unique.

No wedding or family session I shoot will look the same.

Because you’re not the same.

So whilst I of course have a list of “must have” shots in the back of my mind, especially for weddings, I hope you’ll see that every session I do has it’s own element of “je ne sais quoi.”  At the end of the day – we’re all different, EveryDay is different, so how can I shoot them all the same?

It’s the simple things

that matter after all

I’m not looking for the pinterest poses.  BigDays and EveryDays are full of tiny little moments, gestures and looks that make us who we are.

I want my images to transport you back to that moment in time when your now-husband whispers something ever-so-cheeky into your ear and you throw your head back in sheer hysteria, or when your little one smashes her faces up to the glass window and blows us a kiss.  They’re the moments that matter.

Family Photographer Ponteland
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Photographs that show WHO you are

not WHAT you looked like

Whether a family session or a wedding, the greatest photographs are the ones that capture a moment and tell a story not only of what was happening in that split second, but also how we felt and who we are.

BUT.  I appreciate, sometimes we also want a group shot to show who turned up and a guarantee of everyone in one frame at one time.  But we don’t want to take all day about it.  So, of course, whilst 95% of my day is totally Unscripted, we can arrange for a few portraits, but they are still very relaxed.  A tiny bit of orchestration to get everyone in position, they’re fun and fast.  Getting you back to do what you do best – enjoying the day.

All Natural

When I started Unscripted Photography, I would NEVER dream of using flash in a home.  Can you imagine the bedtime routine and I start lighting up the room like Piccadilly Circus?  Instead, I let the camera do the work and I embrace the grain.

When I started to shoot weddings, I began using flash, but my images lost the ambience.  Guests saws me coming and I couldn’t be discreet.

No flash.  100% natural.

I want my images to show the true ambience of your day.  From the magic on the dancefloor to the nightlight in your baby’s bedroom.  I don’t want to alter reality.  I want to embrace it.

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I shoot video and imagery simultaneously.  Always have.

I think movement is just as important as stills.

Photographs tell the story within one frame.  But video can evoke the feeling of a day so vividly through the movement, the music, the pace.

But I’m not a videographer.  And I don’t intentionally capture sound.  My videos are fun.  An added extra.  A music video of your day.  I don’t work with anyone else.  It’s just me.  With my camera.  Discreetly filming.  I have no crew.  No sound equipment.  No tripods or wires.  Just fast fingers!  Hit this to see more.

Like me to shoot your BigDay? Let's do this!

Like me to shoot your BigDay? Let's do this!

Those little ones growing up to fast? Let's capture those memories.

Those little ones growing up to fast? Let's capture those memories.

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