Kind Words - Unscripted Photography by Claire Batey
lifestyle photographer UK testimonials
lifestyle photographer UK testimonials
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. . . beautiful words from some of my clients

The photos Claire captured of me and my daughter were amazing- I sat and cried at the video of the photos! She's captured me in a way I didn't realise anyone could see- not even myself. Love love love! - Alice


So we opened our gorgeous box and OMG I am speechless. Stu and I were both sobbing watching the film. You are the most amazing talented lady and you have created the most amazing memories for us. We can't thank you enough. We love, love, loved every single photo! I just can't express what it means to us. You are incredible. xx - Claire

something in my eye . . .?

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the films and photos! I have watched it 3 times now and this time with Amelia and Harvey who loved it too. First time I watched it, I must of got something in my eye as there was a tear or two, but I loved, Claire loved, the kids loved it! - Stu

priceless reminder

We've just looked at the photos (a few) times and they are AMAZING. The slide show is such a nice touch, had us both in tears (and we don't cry easily!) We're defo wanting more once Evie's on her feet. You're such a fantastic photographer, we really mean that. The photos are a priceless reminder of a perfect moment with our beautiful babies! We honestly can't thank you enough - now we just have the very difficult job of picking the ones we like best to print, it's gonna be hard! xx - Rachel & Family

lovely family photos

Just wanted to thank you properly for the photos you did for us. Having such lovely family photos really means a lot. xxx - Emma & Family

box of memories

Thank you so much for my amazing box of memories! Just watched it for like the 5th time but minus the kids talking and climbing on top of me! I love the slide show - I've just sent a little clip to my friends and Jak's parents and they both said you are very talented and it's like a John Lewis Christmas advert! We are going to play it at Olivia's christening. . . Diane & Family

love them so much

Just looked at the photos and they are sooo brilliant!!! Thank you so much, I love them so much and I'm sure Chris will too. - Sally


Thank you Claire they look amazing! The ones with May in steal the show for me, lovely! I never knew she was such a little poser!! There are some great ones of all the kids actually. The colours are all lovely and there's even one of me looking good! There are some great group ones too and I'm sure M&K will be really happy with the family ones - Mandy


We LOVE the video and photographs!! Thank you SO much!! You really captured us as a family and will treasure those memories forever. Lola will love it too when she's old enough. - Jessica

If you would like me to capture your EveryDay, please feel free to call, email or even just text me.  We can have a chat, even meet for coffee, to discuss what shoot you have in mind, and heck . . . even make a new friend!