A New Year's Eve Wedding | Doxford Barns | Northumberland
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Helen & Andrew | A New Year’s Eve Wedding | Doxford Barns | Northumberland

documentary wedding photographer northumberland


I’m struggling with words!  Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
The mountain of pics are brilliant, and the film is amazing! Thank you!!!!!!
Speak soon, and thank you for your unique incredibly personal touches!!

– Helen

It’s been a year since I had the joy of photographing Helen and Andrew’s wedding at Doxford Barns, and I can honestly say, from the moment I met them in the pub to have a chat about their BigDay (I think it was only about 6 weeks before the event that they booked me – talk about leaving things to the last minute!!) I loved them.  What a fabulous couple.  We talked all night, mostly about stuff completely not wedding related.  And I just knew their day was going to be a blast.

Helen and Andrew were going to be my second wedding.  They were taking a HUGE chance on me.  They knew that.  But they’d seen my family work and just wanted someone to document the day for them.  That I could do!

But I won’t lie.  I had butterflies that day.  The getting ready shots, fine.  Guests arriving, all good.  But the moment the gorgeous Helen walked down the aisle, I knew I had to nail this.  I couldn’t miss the important shots.  And now, a year later, and with a lot more weddings under my belt, I’m glad to say, I didn’t f**k it up!  Good job too as I’ve come to LOVE shooting weddings.  Probably had I ballsed it up, I would have jacked it in there and then and gone back to solely shooting families.  But instead, probably because of their wedding, their friends, their family, the atmosphere, the gorgeous venue, the laughs, I thought “you know what, this wedding photography business ain’t actually too dissimilar to family photography.”

I see my wedding photography as family photography on steroids.  Like the biggest family reunion of all time with more food and more dancing and in (probably) a fancier venue.

There’s a story to be told everywhere you look.

And that’s what I love.

Apart from the decisive bits of the day, I love the little stories, the forgettable moments, the characters, the laughter, the tears, the connections.  And just walking about through a wedding, all of these emotions and stories literally unravel before your eyes.

So thank you Helen and Andrew.  Thank you for taking a chance on me.  Thank you for being such a gorgeous couple and being such fun to be around.  Thank you for helping to reconfirm to me that weddings could be another love of mine.

Finally – happy anniversary to you.  One year today!  Can you believe that year has flown by already?  So I hope you find this blog post as a welcome treat to relive your BigDay.  All the best to you both – you lovely people.

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for your film as well.

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