Time flies - The value of documentary photography - Unscripted Photography by Claire Batey
The Value of Documentary Family Photography - why choose documentary style photography for your next photography session. Documentary Family Photography by Unscripted Photography - Claire Batey
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Time flies – The value of documentary photography

family portraits; documentrary photographer, northumberland, Stocksfield, Claire Batey, Unscripted Photography



I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen.


Now, think of five people that mean the world to you.

Jot down their names.


Now, next to their names, write down three of your

dearest memories that include them.



Here are a few of mine, to help you along the way:


My Dad:  Cars.  Going to Chelmsford Car Auction with my Dad, sitting on my hands so that I wouldn’t “accidentally” buy a battered XR2, eating bacon sandwiches and mars bars whilst breathing in car fumes and trying to ignore burly men saying naughty words in very strong Essex accents / My first driving lesson with my Dad, my legs were shaking so much, but he was the most relaxed, patient person imaginable – he did such a great job teaching me to drive – and in a 1984 Capri as well – top job Dad.


My Mum: Sick Days – those days off school when you were really poorly, cuddled up on the sofa with Mum watching films or This Morning, bringing me the sick bowl, holding my hair, placing cool flannels on my forehead.  Being . . . Mum  /  The effort my Mum went through to arrange parties for Hallowe’en, New Year’s and Birthdays – the food, the decorations, the outfits – she really went to town.


My Mum’s Mum (Nanna): ‘Helping’ to make gravy, stirring the gravy browning in a blue cup that she strangely also used for rinsing her hair!  /  Making dens in the living room and generally trashing her poor house.  Making food out of potatoes to feed to various teddy bears, and shoving the potatoes into her best silver – poor lady must have had such a chore to clean up after we left.  /  Going to Southend to play at the arcades whilst Nanna enjoyed the bingo – I loved those summer days eating fish and chips and 99s on the Pier.  Watching other kids splashing around the water.  Making sandcastles and eating sticks of rock.  1980s Southend – nostalgia in a bottle!


My husband: Our first American roadtrip, at the start of which Andy proposed to me atop the Empire State Building – it was so romantic and he was so desperately nervous.  He actually got down on one knee in front of all of those people.  I was so proud of him.  He put in so much effort to create the most perfect romantic day for us in NYC – I was blown away.  I couldn’t say no!  And shucks – I was in love with the muppet!


My son: Our weekly trips to do the Aldi food shop.  My little Harry is so well behaved.  Remember here, he’s only two.  He puts the food in the trolly.  Pushes the trolly.  Walks by my side (mostly).  Waits patiently as I pack the bags.  All the while he sings songs, eats bananas and pulls his woolly hat over his eyes and tells everyone who will listen that it’s dark.  At the end of the trip, he’s always rewarded with a croissant which he gets mostly all over the car seat – but life’s too short to care about crumbs.  He’s adorable!



So.  Are you done?


Do you own a big old box of photos?  Or a very large hard drive full of 1000s of jpegs?


Are all of those ever so precious memories captured in those photos?


And, are you in those photos?


No?  Oh . . . well, there’s the value of documentary photography!



family portraits; documentrary photographer, northumberland, Stocksfield, Claire Batey, Unscripted Photography



My photography is designed to transport you back in time to that moment.  To recreate the memory.  To capture it in time for you and your future generations.  I’m basically capturing soon-to-be memories. 


And, I can capture anything for you.  Sunday Lunch.  The first day at school.  The weekly food shop.  Taking the dog for a walk.  The annual holiday to the Lakes.  Anything that means something special to you.




Remember, my Unscripted Sessions include a beautiful, pull at the heartstrings, make grown men cry, film portrait


So, yes, my sessions may not be “cheap,” they may seem a bit daunting, BUT – they are an investment.  In yourself, and your children.  You are capturing your EveryDay life.  Your memories.  And that’s PRICELESS.



But my house is a mess?  I’m a bit overweight right now.




It’s about the people inside.

family documentary photography, lifestyle photography, UK, Claire Batey
In years to come when you look back on the photos and film, you won’t care about the mess, that your husband still hadn’t decorated the hallway, that you didn’t have time for that haircut.  You’ll just be glad you took the leap and got the photos.


I’ll be there to capture the quiet moments that you don’t always notice. The way your baby fumbles her fingers to get a grip on her favourite blanket. The way your one year old can’t quite make it from one side of the room to the other.  It’s how your 7 year old gets so engrossed in his Lego he can’t possibly stop for tea.  It’s the way your teenage daughter plays her music so loud and dances around her room that the lights jingle above your head.  It’s the sigh of relief as you sit down with your husband at the end of the day with a glass of wine and look into each others eyes that tell each other, you’re doing a good job really.





One day your great-great-grand children can look back on your EveryDay.  And they’ll not only get to know what you looked like, but who you are.



The preservation of today, and the gift of real family history for tomorrow.



Would you like to see more?


Please visit my portfolio page for my Unscripted images.

And check out the following blog posts to see some of my family’s stories:

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Contact me TODAY!

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family portraits; documentary photographer, northumberland, Stocksfield, Claire Batey, Unscripted Photography

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