Documentary Wedding Photographer Northeast UK
I'm Claire. A documentary Northumberland wedding photographer. I also make cool films. My style is relaxed and informal. I live in Northumberland, not far from Newcastle and shoot weddings all over the UK. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who is less like a supplier and more like your mate with a snazzy camera, get in touch!
documentary wedding photographer UK
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Capturing {the beauty of} the BigDay

There is nothing more epic than a love story.

And we’re about to tell yours.

I never set out to be a wedding photographer.  If you met me in the pub and asked me what I do for a living, I would say that I’m a documentary photographer.

You see, I initially started Unscripted Photography to capture the beautiful lives of normal families going about their normal days.  Somehow, some lovely couples stumbled across my work and saw something in it.  And then the enquiries began.  At first I was reluctant to put myself “out there” for weddings, but after I captured my first few, I loved that within every BigDay there were so many little stories, little moments.  All dying to be preserved.  So I was hooked!

Then, the families that had booked me for family sessions started asking me to photograph and video their weddings too.  And the spark sparked even more.  What can be better than technically combining family sessions and weddings?  Kids at weddings are a particular love of mine.  More kids the better in my opinion.  Why?  Because they’re always first on the dancefloor and they’re more unpredictable that Aunt Mildred on a bottle of sherry.

So, now, I can officially say, I’m a wedding photographer and filmmaker.  How awesome is that?  There’s no better job.  Friends & families, having fun, celebrating life, celebrating love, having a wicked party, seeing faces they’ve not seen for years, enjoying a drink, eating too much, busting shapes on the dancefloor – and I’m there to capture it all for you and hopefully make you laugh and cry 6 weeks later when you get a little box in the post with a day of memories preserved.  Priceless.

Now let’s get on with all the deets.

Alternative Wedding Videos

All of my full day Collections include a wedding video.  Cool or what?

I love making them, so I just include them as standard within my packages.  Want to see more?  Head on over to my wedding video page.  I think you’ll like them!


I believe that when I cover your BigDay, I am your storyteller. So I ideally, I would love to be there for the beginning, middle and end. I will spend pretty much all day with you (normally 10 hours), following the events from getting ready to the evening celebrations, resulting in an organic, natural record of your day.

Almost 100% of my photography will be Unscripted – completely documentary. However, I appreciate that “portraits” can be just as important.  So, if you wish, we can take time out during your day to create some fun, relaxed, very informal images that will focus on your love for each other and also your awesome friends and family.  Want to know more about my approach to documentary photography <<< hit that link!


I have a range of collections available from half day to full day coverage, so please get in touch to request a copy of my BigDay guide.  Also LET ME KNOW if you’re having a mid-week wedding, eloping, would prefer shorter coverage, or even a price by the hourI’m happy to come up with a collection to fit you and your wedding.

Like More Information??? >>> Hit Here


Planning any of the following style weddings?  If so, help me tick them off my bucket list and you could receive a little discount from your wedding collection!

wedding in the wilds – working farm wedding – rockabilly wedding

less that 20 guests wedding – festival wedding – forest wedding – bikers wedding – industrial wedding

Wanna book? 

I’m stoked that you’d like to book me!

Simply hit this link to fill out my contact form and I’ll get in touch within 48hours.  If you don’t hear from me, please check your spam folder – sometimes my emails fall in there by accident.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Hoorah for you and your BigDay.  xx